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How Staff Paging Systems Streamline Communication In Hospitals and Clinics

How Staff Paging Systems Streamline Communication In Hospitals and Clinics

How Staff Paging Systems Streamline Communication In Hospitals and Clinics

By using frequency modulation pager technology, hospitals and clinics can greatly improve hospital communication and efficiency, allowing for more accurate and timely communications. Retekess wireless staff paging systems help your medical team communicate effectively, quickly, and reliably. Let's look specifically at how pagers can help healthcare workers.

Stable Signal of FM Paging System

The paging system signal of frequency modulation transmission is stable and will not interfere with precision instruments. At the same time, it can continue to work normally in remote areas or dead spots, helping medical staff and patients gain more precious time and lives.

Working Distance

The long-distance transmission of the keypad is 400 meters. It can cover a department and ensure the communication needs of personnel. The button, not included in the TD154 complete set, has a shorter transmission distance of about 50 meters. Very suitable for nurses who are on duty in the inpatient department and are not far from the wards.

Multiple Calling Methods for Watch Pagers

TD112 watch pagers can be paired with software, keyboard, and buttons, and receive calling signals from the three at the same time. The software and keyboard are suitable for use in the medical general station; the buttons have stickers that can be pasted directly on the ward or bed. The different names of the keyboard and buttons are set through the software, so that the medical staff can better distinguish the main station and the ward, and better remind them where they should go.

Retekess TD154 paging system consists of a call keypad and multiple watch receivers, and supports PC software operation and call button for incoming calls. Ideal for workplaces such as hospitals and clinics where precise cooperation is required.

If you want to learn more about the TD154 radio paging system, please click here. If you want to see other types of pagers from Retekess, click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at

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