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How to Connect the Window Speaker System with Wireless Microphone?

How to Connect the Window Speaker System with Wireless Microphone?

How to Connect the Window Speaker System with Wireless Microphone?

Window Speaker System that Supports Walk Around

How to make it more convenient for the staff when walking around in the store and talking with the customers through the wireless window speaker system? Retekess has several types of wireless intercom systems, but none of them with a wireless microphone. So it is not very convenient for the staff who want to walk around but sit in one place. But you know We care about every customer need and we develop the items based on people's needs. So in 2020, we made a new model TW105 and TW106 wireless counter intercom system, which support the wireless Micphone.

For the wireless microphone, pls check the features:

1. 2.4G frequency band wireless communication, legal and universal worldwide
2. Using 2.4G two-way frequency hopping technology, the automatic connection within 1 meter, easy to use
3. The use distance is 50 meters in the open, the signal is stable
4. Audio sampling rate is 16KHZ, with better sound quality
5. It can be used in conjunction with our existing window intercom, FM transmitter, and loudspeaker, with many usage scenarios.

And it is also very easy to use, you just need to plug the transmitter into the microphone port, and then open the receiver. when the customer said talk, you can hear the sound on the receiver. You can also talk on the Micphone. 

This system makes the wireless Mic to become true and can be used in many applications, such as gas stations, coffee, tick center, bank, and so on. And the most important is that the price for the wireless microphone is the most cost-effective. 

Except for TW105 and TW106, TW102 and TW103 also support the wireless Microphone. If you want to know more details or other models, pls email us at

headset mic wireless transmitter and receiver

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