How to Improve Working Efficiency Using Restaurant Pager System

How to Improve Working Efficiency Using Restaurant Pager System

How to Improve Working Efficiency Using Restaurant Pager System

When we run a business, we always ask how to improve working efficiency in a restaurant?  I will share our solutions with the restaurant pager system.

Once we come to a restaurant, we will get the first image of it. The crowd is not a good situation.

So buying the wireless restaurant pager system is a good choice for many restaurants.

We can get lots of benefits:

    1. Create a pleasant environment, enhance restaurant image

Customers no need to queue for a long time, they can handle this pager to hang around or rest, to create a pleasant environment for them, making your restaurant more attractive.  

     2. Improve working efficiency

When orders are ready, no need to yell at customers to get their food. Just press the number of the pagers to prompt. Once they get the signal, they will come to get their food quickly.

     3. Reduce cost for service stuff

No need to ask all services to serve people, just when order is ready, service just need to press prefer to call

    4. Improve productivity and revenue

Customers will get their orders, once they are ready. People will go, and we can service other customers.

    5. Lose the crowds, keep the business

Reduce cost, profits grow. We run our business very well. 

Improving working efficiency is the most important for many restaurants. So we need to try our best to find the way.

For the paging system, many people are also confused that how to use it? Pls check below :

Restaurant guest paging system consists of one keyboard transmitter and pagers (10pcs,16pcs, 18pcs 20pcs). Each pager should have one unique number. We program it before sending it. You can set it by yourself if needed. Once a customer comes to order, you need to give one-pager to him and take down the number. Then the customer will be freer, no need to queue a long time to wait for his order. He can hang around near the shop within working distance. He can do the things that he likes, such as reading, resting, surfing on the net, and so on. When the order is ready, you need to press the corresponding number to remind him. The pager will get the signal and vibration/flash/beeper to remind the customer. Once he gets get the signal, he will go to get his order. He needs to give the pager to you, and you just need to put the pager in/on the keyboard transmitter to wait, for the next customer. It is very easy to operate. 

retekess T116 guest paging system

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