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How to install Retekess two way intercom system?

How to install Retekess two way intercom system?

How to install Retekess two way intercom system?

As we all know, because of the COVID-19, all of us in the world need to keep distance, so for the communicate window, people can’t speak directly face to face, and for some location, they have build a wall to keep distance. But this will influence the communication. So they will have to use the window intercom system.

However, you may wonder how do you install the system?

The system include one main stationary speaker with a charger, one out side speaker mic with line. For the speaker mic, it has the sticker so you can stick one the glass. In addition, you need keep a small hole to let the line go through. Then plug the line in the main machine.

It is very easy to install, so you can feel free to buy it without any concern. In addition, most of our models are 1.8meter long. At this moment, TW102 two way intercom system is 8 meters long later.

In addition, for our TW101, TW102, TW103, TW104 two way intercom system, we have the 1.8meters, 5 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters long with the outside speaker mic, so if you need longer one, you can contact us. But if longer than 15 meters, we won’t recommend. Because that will influence the voice.

If any questions, feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com.


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Ava Turene Millar

How do you install the speaker on the glass, with some sort of sticky tape?

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Thanks for your support to Retekess, you can use double-sided 3M adhesive tape to fix the speaker on the glass. There is 3M glue in the product box, you can check the box and find it

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