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How to set TR502 FM transmitter?

How to set TR502 FM transmitter?

How to set TR502 FM transmitter?

How to install FM Transmitter

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreaks, more and more Churches use Retekess TR502, TR501, and TR505 FM broadcast transmitter to provide Drive in Church Service.

In order to make the best use of radio stations, many customers request more information regarding the settings. It will be much easier after you check this article.

1, Install the Antenna

Please make sure the antenna is installed correctly before power it on.

Connect the antenna to the cable base, and another end to the connector on the transmitter.

Then you need to adjust the length of the cable, the “Lever antenna frequency length corresponding table” on the manual is just for your reference, you need to adjust the length of the antenna until the REF value shows on the display reaches the minimum. The REF value is smaller the better.

If the FM transmitter uses a remote antenna, it is better for us to keep the antenna as up as possible due to the surroundings has a great influence on the signal.

2, Set the FM transmitter at a blank frequency

After installing the antenna well, power the transmitter on, we will be able to change the radio station with the keys on the item. It is very important to find a bland frequency around you so that people can hear you from the transmitter with their car radios clearly.  

3, Wireless mic set up

You may need to run a mic, using a wireless mic allows you to walk around while speaking.

The wireless mic could be purchased here: Wireless Mic

It includes a small receiver and a microphone, you just need to install batteries correctly to power them on, and connect the receiver to the MIC jack on the transmitter.

Should you have any other questions on Retekess FM Broadcast Transmitter, please email us freely at

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