How to Set Up the Drive-in Church?

How to Set Up the Drive-in Church?

How to Set Up the Drive-in Church?

Drive in Church Set Up

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreaks, the way people can do Ministry is being changed, at least for the time being. Many Communities decided to implement a different way to do church - Drive-In Church Service. It makes Worship easy, people will be able to pick up speaking and music while staying in their own cars.   

How to set up a drive-in church?

Firstly, you need an FM radio transmitter.

In order to broadcast a longer range to cover a full parking lot, you need a remote antenna with a long cable. Retekess TR502 FM transmitter comes with a 5m cable and antenna.

And the package includes an AUX cable that allows you to play music through the transmitter from your phone or some other audio system.

If you are going to run a mic, you need to use a standard 3.5mm mic to work with the TR502 FM broadcast transmitter. We recommend this Wireless Mic.

Secondly, a radio or car radio receiver to receive songs and speaking.

The transmitter only transmits speaking, music and other audio information, it has no outer speaker, so people need to pick up the speaking and song clearly through a radio at the same frequency. It could be an FM radio like Retekess V113 or the car radio.  

Finally, set the transmitter works at a blank frequency

You can change the channels on the transmitter from 87Mhz to 108Mhz, however, it is very important for you to find a radio station that is suitable with nothing else coming through it, I believe that you don’t want any kind of radio station and news coming through.

How to find a blank frequency?

It is very easy, you just need to go out and search manually with a radio or a phone which has an FM radio function on your stations and see what is blank. A blank frequency allows you to hear nothing or only some noise in the background.

Healthy comes firstly all the time, and people need community and hope! The drive in church service is necessary for every church. 

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Susan Boyd

Very interested in setting this up in parking lot at my church for a Bible Study I will be teaching in the fall or winter. I need a few questions answered: I will stand under the wood awning over the front porch when it is raining to teach. Do I use a wireless Mike? What do you suggest? What is the cost of all the equipment you supply or your service? Thx much!

Comment author


Hello Susan, thanks for your comments. We have many customers who use the FM transmitter for the same purpose use. You just need to purchase a wireless microphone like the below one: We will email you about the price since it depends on the shipping address. Best Regards

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Please give me a price breakdown on all the equipment you estimate we will need.the shipping zip is 93442

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Hi Susan, our sales department has been contacted you with the details through email. If you haven't received the email, please feel free to contact us at or whatsapp +86 15639073051

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