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How to Use the Translation System in the Court?

How to Use the Translation System in the Court?

How to Use the Translation System in the Court?

Translation System is widely used in the Court to Reduce Contact and Ensure Safe

In my places, there is a limit about the people quantity, so Retekess supplies solutions for the court in the COVID-19 time. the speaker can use the transmitter, and the listeners wear the receivers. When the speaker talks via the mic, in the working range, all the receivers that with the same channels will get the signal. Here are 2 models, which are widely used in the court. 


The type is the most popular type due to the high quality and cost-effective price. The frequency is from 195-230MHZ, and it has 99 channels, each channel can pair with numerous receivers. In the working range, all the receivers with the same channel can get the signal. For the transmitter, the battery capacity is 900mAH, it can work up to 15 hours in normal, and the charging port is Mini USB. For the receiver, it is 600mAH, the working time is about 18 hours. The charging port is the same as the transmitter. For the working range, in the open area, it can reach up to 80M, so if you use it on the cart, it works well. 

Pls check the accessories for the T130/T131

Translation system for court


The type has 3 great features:

1, 2 transmitters: Main transmitter and Vice transmitter can work at the same time in one group. So if you need 2 speakers to speak at the same time, you can choose the TT105. 

2, It adopts 2.4G technology, it is free-license in the whole world.

3, Classic design, and easy to operate.

For the transmitter, the battery capacity is 1500mAH, it can work 8 hours in normal use, and for the receive, the battery is 1300mAH, it can work 6 hours. They have the same charging port, both are DC3.5mm. In the open area, the working range can up to 100M. 

two way translation system

All retekess products are with high quality, if you want to know more information about the 2 types, pls email us at support@retekess.com. We also have the other type, such as TT106, TT122, T130S to check more details, pls click here 

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