How to use the Wireless ID Setting of the T130 tour guide system

How to use the Wireless ID Setting of the T130 tour guide system

How to use the Wireless ID Setting of the T130 tour guide system

Most customers concern about how to set the same ID of transmitter and Receiver for a set of the audio guide system since only with the same ID can they work together.

For Retekess T130 Tour Guide System, we have two ways to do this: Wireless ID setting and manual ID setting. This article describes the first way to set the ID of the tour guide system.

T130 Transmitter.jpgT130 Receiver.jpg

Wireless ID setting (this way could be used when we have to set the same ID for many receivers) :

● The ID setting of transmitter: Turn off the transmitter and insert the microphone(the cable of the microphone could be used as antenna), keep and hold pressing the "Down button.png " button , then press the " M " button for 2 seconds to turn on the transmitter, release the “M” button when you see the ID number is changing. Now the item under the ID setting mode, click the "Down button.png" or "Up button.png " button to chose the ID we need, and then click the "M" Button to confirm it. Now it has entered the wireless transmitting status of ID matching. (The ID number is flickering, and it shows the "Signal.png" icon and the power status icon). Now we can put the transmitter aside and continue to do the wireless ID setting of the receivers:

● The wireless ID setting of receivers: Turn off the receiver, insert the earphone, keep and hold pressing the "Up button.png " button, and then press the "MENU button.png" button for 2 seconds to turn on the receiver, release the "Up button.png" button when the ID number shows "00", now the receiver has entered the wireless ID receiving mode, make the receiver close to the transmitter, its ID number will be changed to the same one as that of the transmitter's. (Note: this step must be done under the condition that the transmitter is at the wireless transmitting status of ID matching: The ID number of the transmitter is flickering)

After wireless ID setting for the transmitter and all the receivers, turn off all of them before using. The tour guide system will be work while turning on. 


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non è chiara la spiegazione - Non riesco a sintonizzare automaticamente i ricevitori.... Per favore, nel pomeriggio devo utilizzarli... Gianni Tosin

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Ciao, grazie per aver utilizzato il sistema Retekess. Puoi guardare il relativo video di installazione dal link sottostante. Se hai domande, puoi contattarci via e-mail.

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