The Importance of the Nurse Call System

The Importance of the Nurse Call System

The Importance of the Nurse Call System

Falls are the leading cause of accidental injury and hospital admission in older people, with a third of people falling each year and half of them unable to get up without help. Nurse call system is perfect for anyone who needs to be cared for. It can provide you and your family with timely help and peace of mind, day or night, in any area.

What is the Nurse Call System?

The Nurse call system is a call system consisting of a smartwatch and a call button.A smartwatch is a receiver on the wrist that receives timely alerts of crisis signals and the user can communicate a request for help through the call button.

How does the Nurse Call System work?

When you have a health-related crisis, time is of the essence, especially if you have fallen or had an accident. This is when you simply press the button on the call button to signal for help. The smartwatch receives the signal, sends an alert and you will get help in the shortest possible time.

Who can use the Nurse Call System?


Easy to use and works well even if the carer is hard of hearing and at a great distance. Retekess products are loud and work over a long distance so that the carer can receive alerts even if they are doing their own thing in another room or on the floor.

retekess pregnant women wearing call buttons

Pregnant women

This call system alerts caregivers or family members when a pregnant woman needs help or is in an emergency.

Disabled people

Disabled people should have a call button system to ensure their safety.  If they have mobility problems, this call button system can help to make their lives easier.

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