Interpretation Solution for Court

Interpretation Solution for Court

Interpretation Solution for Court

During the pandemic period, the interpretation Solution for Court is very important. The court still has to hold court sessions and handle many cases, so the safety of the participants becomes very important. Because in the courtroom, people are often with different languages participating at the same time, the communication needs to maintain distance while maintaining efficiency, so the translation equipment becomes very important.

Why interpretation solution is important for the court?

Before the pandemic, translators could sit and translate in a whisper, both listening and translators were hard. But this is no longer feasible, and all personnel needs to wear masks. Keep everyone at a safe distance and reduce the spread of the virus. This also makes the whisper translation more difficult. So you will need the interpretation solution for court with a translation device.  

Are you worried that translation equipment will be forgotten after the pandemic passes? I believe not, because the translation equipment also solves the problem of needing whispers. In normal times, it will also improve efficiency, and you don't have to worry about the problem of inaudible whispers.

How to choose the interpretation device for court?

Normally, if there is 2.4G wifi indoors, we do not recommend choosing 2.4G devices. You can choose our portable T130 transmitter and T131 receiver, TT101 transmitter, and TT102 receiver as translation equipment, they all contain rechargeable batteries.

Retekess translation device for court

Of course, if you want to provide the two-way talk, we also have a choice of two-way talk devices, through which everyone can speak, and each device comes with a microphone and headset, which is convenient.

Providing interpretation solutions for the court to keep the social distance is very important. So keep using the translation equipment.

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