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The Introduction of Pager System and Push for Service

The Introduction of Pager System and Push for Service

The Introduction of Pager System and Push for Service

Usage scenarios and benefits of Pager system and Push for service

Pager system: used in restaurants, factories, and other industries. Using a pager system in a restaurant can help you improve the waiting situation of customers, improve the efficiency of waiters, reduce the labor cost, and increase the sense of responsibility between the restaurant and customers. By using a paging system in factories, you can avoid the chaos caused by too many people over too long a distance. You can send a pager to each driver, and then enter the corresponding number on the transmitter to pick up goods from x warehouse, making the work organized.

Push for service: for medical institutions, home care, hotels, and other industries. A variety of combinations of Retekess products to help you solve the problems encountered in various scenarios. The call button and watch, receiver, can help caregivers more timely attention to the health status of the care recipient. The call button and display receiver can make the clinic, hospital, and other places more orderly.

Product features of Pager system and Push for service

Pager system:

1.Long-distance paging system: working distance up to 1000m in an open area, suitable for large restaurants, factories, and warehouses.(TD156 Waterproof Pager SystemTD103 Long Range Coaster Pager System

2.Over-distance reminder: when the pager exceeds the working distance will sound an alarm to remind customers in time.

3.One key shutdown: one key can turn off all pagers, easy to operate.

4.Multiple key values: There are multiple key values to choose from, perfect for classifying call types.

5.Various prompting modes: flashing, beeping, vibration, and other prompting modes can be freely combined to meet your needs in different scenes.

6.Subsequent pager can be added: When your business scope grows or the pager is lost, you can purchase the same model of the pager to supplement.

7.Customizable logo: It helps to promote your brand and can also be used to display promotional information.

8.Service countdown: pager will flash again to remind you after exceeding the set time until the pager is placed on the charging base.

9.Super vibration: In a noisy environment, super vibration is good for reminding people when the beeping sound cannot attract their attention.

Push for service:

1.One key call: a call button can be pressed to complete the call, a simple and fast operation, to maximize the time-saving in emergencies.

2.Multiple key values: dozens of key values to choose from, and can be customized.

3.Connectable software: It can be connected to a computer for data display and export. We provide software, you can also use with custom software.

If you want to learn more about the Retekess products, please leave a comment or contact us at support@retekess.com and we will give you a specific answer.

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