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New Arrival Retekess TD164 Long range guest paging system

New Arrival Retekess TD164 Long range guest paging system

New Arrival Retekess TD164 Long range guest paging system

Retekess TD164 long-range guest paging system is the FM modulation with 800 meters range. Except for the TD103 and TD156, TD183 long-range pager system, the TD164 is a new one.

For this paging system, the design is very fashionable and beautiful. Hidden digital tube on the pager, piano paint, and shiny shell, very dazzling. You would love it.

The transmitter adopts a big touchable key, it can operate more flexibly and it can be used for a longer time. As I just said, it adopts the FM modulation, so it can reach to long-range. Besides, the transmitter can share with TD161 and TD183 restaurant pager systems. But the charging base is not shared with each other.

For this guest paging system, it supports 998 pagers max. So you can add more pagers later if you need. And you can just add one charger base for each 10 more pagers.

For the pager, it is with a 300mAH battery, which can last 30 hours in stand by. And it takes 4 hours to fully charge. Then it can work for the whole day. And the notice time is the 30S. It has the cancel key to cancel the call. So it is very easy to cancel after receiving the call, you don’t have to put it back to the charging base.

For other functions, just put the pagers on the charging base, it will turn on automatically. You can check the 10 calls. And the pager has a self-check function, when you take it from the charging base, it will notify you of the sound. So you will know the pager is working, you can give it to the customer.

However, this restaurant paging system, it doesn’t support 2 keypads work with one pager. So if you have this request, please choose the other models TD103 and TD156 long-range guest paging system.

If you want to know more, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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