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New Arrival TT124 Two-way Tour Guide System

New Arrival TT124 Two-way Tour Guide System

New Arrival TT124 Two-way Tour Guide System

We all know that using a tour guide system increases tourist satisfaction while protecting the tour guide's voice. Because of the new Covid epidemic, the tour guide system has been better used. We, therefore, developed the two-way tour guide system. Two-way explainers are often used on factory tours so visitors can ask questions. They can communicate with each other.

What is a two-way tour guide system?

Two-way means you can talk with each other. For the one-way tour guide system, only the transmitter is able to transmit voice. For this one, both the transmitter and receiver can talk. 

What functions does TT124 two-way tour guide system have?

It has 13 channels which allow 13 groups to work simultaneously in one area. It has a long range of about 200 meters in the open area. You can adjust both volumes on the transmitter and receivers. High fidelity sound quality, no delay in sound transmission. 

The transmitter can be used for 7 hours continuously when fully charged, and the receiver can be used for 12 hours continuously, which is enough for most tours.

A single transmitter can work with multiple receivers on the same channel. As your group grows in size, you can add as many receivers as you need, simply by tuning them to the same channel.

The TT124 two-way tour guide system can lock the device by pressing the lock button so that both the narrator and the audience can make physical movements without the fear of accidentally touching the button and affecting the normal progress of the event.

If you need a device for your factory, you should have this one. So you can use it for your next visitors. Which can also show your professionalism. 

Of course, you can use it for class teaching as well. It is a good choice. If any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.


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