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Perfect Guest Paging System Solution for Bars with Kitchen

Perfect Guest Paging System Solution for Bars with Kitchen

Perfect Guest Paging System Solution for Bars with Kitchen

What keeps restaurant owners up at night more than dreaming of an empty restaurant? Not much. While other restaurant problems and their solutions may be less threatening, this is a big one. Even if you have a decent number of customers every day, you can always do better and serve more people a day. Out of the many challenges involved in managing a restaurant operation, Retekess has an easy solution——using a wireless paging system.

The Solution for Bar with Kitchen

Pagers have beep/vibrate/flashing lights and remind customers to pick up their food. When they get back to the bar, their meals will already be waiting for them. This means they’ll leave the premises faster, which in turn will help you serve more people.

Benefits of Using a Pager System

1. Customers at the front desk of the bar can move around freely after ordering food, and come to pick up the food after the drink is ready.

2. If you are a bar with a back kitchen, when customers order hot food, you can call them immediately, instead of finding customers everywhere, letting the food cool down, causing customer dissatisfaction and complaints.

3. Improve the work efficiency of employees and serve customers better and faster. Keep customers informed, even in noisy bar environments.

4. The use of pagers pays more attention to the protection of private information, and will not disclose names and mobile phone numbers, which can well protect the privacy of guests.

Retekess Wireless Paging System Solutions

Guest paging system: TD156 coaster pager system. It has the ultra-long transmission distance allows customers to roam freely and reduce the anxiety of waiting.

If you want to call the pager at the ordering place and the kitchen at the same time, you can consider the T111 pager system and the T119 keypad. Please check this blog for more information.


Retekess has always been committed to providing a variety of customer paging solutions for restaurants. please contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at support@retekess.com.

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