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How to Pick the Most Suitable Paging System for Restaurants

How to Pick the Most Suitable Paging System for Restaurants

How to Pick the Most Suitable Paging System for Restaurants

The benefits of using a paging system for restaurants

  1. Avoid customers in the cold winter or hot summer queue, give customers a good dining experience, which will make your restaurant's image has improved and increased the number of repeat customers.
  2. Avoid crowding the restaurant due to too many people in line, and crowds should be avoided as much as possible during the period when Covid-19 is popular.
  3. If you want to improve the environment of your restaurant and create a quiet, upscale restaurant atmosphere, you definitely need a suitable paging system to use in your restaurant.
  4. Reduce the work task of service staff, help the understaffed restaurant to improve efficiency, and avoid order error accidents to some extent.

In a busy restaurant, the right paging system helps with efficient use of time, fast communication, and the overall smooth operation of the restaurant - a formula for happy guests, fast table turnovers, and increased profits.

paging system for restaurant rich functions

How should you pick  the right paging  system for  restaurants?

  1.  If your restaurant at the   seaside, large shopping malls,   and other surrounding   locations are more open   venues, or the restaurant has   so much traffic that   customers  have to wait in line for a long time, customers may be waiting to go far away, For this situation, I recommend you TD103 Pager System. This paging system has a long-range function, even as far as 1000m can receive the signal. Don't worry even if the customer goes outside the range. TD103 also has a super distance alarm function, it can remind customers when they are out of range. Besides, it has a strong vibration, even in a noisy environment, it can also play a good role in promoting.
  2. If your work range is less than 100m, and 20 pagers are enough for your restaurant's normal use, you can choose a set of T111:one touch calls, operation convenient, special price. If you subsequently to expand the scale of your restaurant, You can choose T112 which supports 999 pagers. These two products can be customized as corporate logos, better for your restaurant to do publicity.
  3. If you want to create a quiet dining environment and do not want the pager to beep, you can choose TD157. This product can turn off the beeping mode and turn on only the flashing light mode, and the price is affordable.

We support customization, or you are welcome to comment or email us at support@retekess.com with your product requirements, and we will recommend the most suitable model for you.

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