Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

Paging Systems for Business in Various Industries

How to notify customers in noisy restaurants? How to inform staff in a machine-roaring factory without cell phone? Using wireless paging system which is durable and stable.

Paging systems for business is suitable for many situation such as restaurants, hotels, factories, church nurseries hospitals and clinics. No cellular network or wifi is required, so you can use it with confidence in places with poor signal. Protect personal privacy, such as authorizing a software to use mobile phone numbers, so that you don't have to worry about revealing personal information

Let's take a look at the excellent performance of paging systems in various industries.

Paging System for Noisy Restaurants

The beep of pager is loud enough to get customers’ attention. When food is ready, the kitchen or staff in front counter will press the corresponding number button to customers. And then the pager will beep, vibrate and flashing lights to remind customer to pickup their meal. If you have a special need for beep, we also have adjustable beep speed model: restaurant pager buzzer TD162.

  • Both counter and kitchen can call customers or waiters with transmitter keypads to pick up  meals in time. If you care about the position, we recommend models T119, TD157, TD164, which support for 2 keypads at the different places to call the same pager. 

Long Range Pager System for Factories

  • Pager system help you set pager number match with everyone’s name so that you can call the corresponding employee back to the office.
  • Long range pager system TD103 can contain all place of your factory. The maximum diameter of the acceptable signal range is 1,000 m

Silent Pager System for Church Nurseries

  • Church nurseries can use a silent call system to remind parents. TD157 church nursery pagers can be set only flashing lights without vibrating sound. What’s more, Retekess also have free-combined reminder call system TD158, TD162. You can set prompt mode according to your needs. For example: no beep, slow vibration, and fast flashing lights.

Queuing Solution for Hospitals and Clinics

  • Do hospital or clinic always be confused by queue line when gathering crowded, can not keep a good social distance? Retekess wireless queue calling system will help keep in order. For example, staff call patients in numbers order. The person who was called will go to doctor office and have medical serve.
  • Medical staff call patients in order with the long distance call system, which allows patients to wait nearby or in the car, reducing exposure to COVID-19.

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