Push Button Paging System Solutions

Push Button Paging System Solutions

Push Button Paging System Solutions

The push button paging system is composed of wireless call buttons and receivers. The call button has single or multiple functions such as call, order, cancel and pay.  The receiver is generally divided into watch receivers and display receivers. This system is easy to install, set up and use, and services can be sought with a one-touch call through the call button. Therefore, the wireless calling system is widely used in any place where service is needed, like restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers. Let's take a look at two typical solutions to this system.

Restaurant Push Button Paging System

Usually, a guest calls a restaurant employee. The call button can be installed on the dining table or given directly to the guest. The display receiver can be installed in the front desk area. Of course, the staff can wear a wrist watch receiver. When the guest needs service, he/she can directly press the corresponding function button. After receiving the message, the waiter will go to the relevant table and provide the service immediately. Guests do not need to call out or wave themselves, they can have the same experience as royalty. The waiter also does not need to keep an eye on the table situation or abruptly interrupt the guest's conversation due to concern.

Hospital Push Button Paging System

It is the patient who calls the nurse. In hospitals, it is especially important that every second. With a wireless button paging system, all it takes is for the patient to call at the touch of a button. The nurse can come right away after receiving the information. Also, it will be easy for patients to use it when they need help on a daily basis. This will make the patient feel at ease and will also make the hospital provide more timely and considerate services. More trust between the two parties.

Retekess push button paging system for restaurant hotel hospital

The principle of the other solutions is basically the same idea. More industries that are service-related are seeing call systems. Let's have a look at Retekess's Push for Service!

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