Retekess TD154 Staff Calling System

Retekess TD154 Staff Calling System

Retekess TD154 Staff Calling System

Retekess supplies the calling system and guest paging system for many companies, but most of them asked the staff paging system, such as the chef needs to call the waiters to get the food so that the guest will have the dinners in time.

So we developed one model-TD154 to meet the customer's needs. In the package, there are 1 keypad and 5 watches receivers. The keypad is for the chef, you can rename it as the chef's name. And the watch receivers are for the waiters. Each watch can be named as the waiters' name.


There are 2 types of calling modes, the default setting supports 10 numbers, it is from 0-9. So that you can name the watch receiver 1 as Jack, and number 2 as Lily. If the chef wants to call someone to get the food, they can press the number instead of the name. So it is very easy to operate. But if there are more than 9 waiters in the restaurant, you need to set the keypad to model 2, so that you can press numbers 10 , 11, 12 or more. 

Besides, in one restaurant you can use 50 keypads at the same time. It means that you can have 50 chefs or windows to call the waiters.

Watch receiver

Retekess TD112 watch receiver adopts OLED screen so that you can see the words clearly. Besides, the watch receivers use a new way to charge. There are 4 pins to charge it, so that it make sure that the watch receiver is IPX7 waterproof. The other feature of the TD112 watch receiver is that you can rename the call buttons based on your needs via the software of the staff paging system. You can rename 5 keypads in all. Each watch can have a unique number, which stands for one waiter. 

The Retekess TD154 staff paging system is popular and useful for your restaurant. If you want to use it for your own business, pls email us at We will check the best solution. 

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