Save Your Customers Queuing in Cold with Paging System

Save Your Customers Queuing in Cold with Paging System

Save Your Customers Queuing in Cold with Paging System

Winter is coming! If customers are waiting for their food or to be served in the cold, that must be bad. Waiting in the cold for a long time will make the customers upset, you need to work out the solution in time to improve the customer service experience. What can you do to reverse this situation? Using Retekess paging system.

Better Choice for Food Truck Outside

1. Save customers waiting in the cold

During waiting time, they can customers can get back to their cars or find a warm nearby place for waiting rather than queuing in cold weather.

2. Call back customers in time to pick up their meals.

Avoid customers not picking up their meals in time to prevent the food from cooling.

3. Better way to keep social distance.

Social distancing is required during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers get the number and pager, and then walk away. It's a way to keep distance.

Advantages of Using Guest Paging System

1. Enhance productivity and reduce labor costs. Your employer can focus on fulfilling orders without worrying about customers. there’s no need to employ many people.

2. Discrete waiting time, and keep a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Customers don't need to wait at the front desk all the time, they can just hang out nearby. This can reduce the anxiety of the guests waiting and keep the order.

3. Eliminate lost and lost income. Reduce the situation that customers leave and never return, and notify customers to pick up meals in time.

4. Faster and better service means fewer complaints. Using the wireless paging system can help you find customers faster and more accurately, and good service will add points to your food truck.


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