TD020 Caregiver Call Button’s Importance in Home Care

TD020 Caregiver Call Button’s Importance in Home Care

TD020 Caregiver Call Button’s Importance in Home Care

When you have older, less mobile elderly and children at home, you can use a set of TD020 caregiver call button. Place the receiver in the caregiver's bedroom or kitchen and other places where they often stay, and then the care recipient can wear the call button on the neck, wrist, or placed it at the bedside and other places that can be reached at any time. When the care recipient encounters an emergency or needs help, they can call at the touch of a button, and the receiver will sound music and flash-colored lights to promptly remind caregivers.

multiple wearing styles for TD020 caregiver call button     Multiple wearing styles

One receiver can be used with 20 buttons, you can place call buttons in various places in the home, no matter what the care recipient encounters problems, they can always call. And one call button can also work with multiple receivers, so that no matter which room the caregiver is in, they can receive the signal.

Using the TD020 Caregiver Pager System in your home brings you safety, timeliness, and convenience.

Method of use: Plug the receiver into an electrical outlet and it works. The receiver can be placed in any home place with an AC outlet. Paired with the call button before using. When the pager is pressed, the receiver makes a bell tone with seven-color light flashing to indicate the need to seek help, the caregiver receives and then assists the patient.

Benefits: When the elderly or children are in a dangerous situation, it allows patients to make emergency calls at any time and caregivers to be notified quickly, saving time and establishing a safe early warning environment.

Makes caregiving easy without the need to be around the caregiver at all times, providing the freedom caregivers need.

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