Retekess TD166 Long Distance Alphanumeric Pager System Solves Problems with Your Manufacturing Line

Retekess TD166 Long Distance Alphanumeric Pager System Solves Problems with Your Manufacturing Line

Retekess TD166 Long Distance Alphanumeric Pager System Solves Problems with Your Manufacturing Line

An efficient factory assembly line is necessary for manufacturing growth. It might not be the most important task on your list, but having a fast and easy manufacturing line is vital for manufacturers to meet their production goals. The problems posed by clutter range from safety hazards to lost productivity. If your factory is in disarray, don't panic! Retekess has the solution for you.Check out our wireless paging product for organizing industrial spaces and how it solves these problems:

4 Reasons Why Factory Inefficiency Is a Problem

Having a cluttered factory can be detrimental, even for otherwise successful businesses.

Safety: A factory full of equipment, products and materials is dangerous. Therefore, communication equipment must be able to notify all personnel without interference. If the PA system is used, it will be drowned by the noisy machine sound; if the ordinary wireless paging system is used, there is no text messages or the transmission distance is not enough, which will cause some employees to fail to get the danger signal in time to escape, which is not conducive to the safety of the whole.

Productivity: When factory order becomes messy, efficiency drops dramatically. Communication between headquarters and employees can take longer than necessary, resulting in a lack of maintenance staff at one location, reducing efficiency and reducing production and revenue.

Employee efficiency: If you lack effective communication tools, employees will not be able to obtain the latest information from the headquarters, so they will not be able to respond or act in a timely manner. This may result in reduced efficiency.

Discourage customers: A cluttered factory reflects a poor image of your company. If customers visit your facility and notice a lack of cleanliness and organization, they may be discouraged from continuing to do business with your company, resulting in a drop in revenue.

Try Our Solutions

Retekess provides the tool TD166 5KM Alphanumeric Wireless Paging System for manufacturers who need to improve communication and work efficiency on the factory line.

Security: TD166 supports group call function and preset text message. Use the computer software to set emergency information. In an emergency, by entering the shortcut code and selecting all pagers, you can call and notify the escape information with one key, so as to maximize the escape time.

Productivity: We will provide you with an alphanumeric pager system for managing employees, which can be operated using software, saving you time and space, allowing your employees to focus on production. With proper setup and storage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be ready to use when you need it.

Efficiency: The longest transmission distance of the TD166 paging system can reach 5 kilometers, which can cover large factories and sites. At the same time, the pager can send text messages up to 56 characters and quickly send 9 preset messages. Moreover, it can be used in conjunction with computer software, the operation is simple and easy to understand, and it can paging employees in real time. It is a communication assistant for your factory assembly line employees.

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