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The Black Friday Promotion for Guest Paging System

The Black Friday Promotion for Guest Paging System

The Black Friday Promotion for Guest Paging System

The 2021 Black Friday deals event has arrived early which means you can score record-low prices right now from Retekess official. We have a big promotion for guest paging system, wireless calling system, window speaker system, tour guide system, and so on. Most of our products have a big promotion, so if you need it, pls click here 

black friday promotion

For the Black Friday Promotion, it is from 22th Nov-5th Dec. 2 weeks in all. From 22th- 28th Nov. We will have a big promotion for the T119 guest paging system, which is very popular due to its compact size, lightweight, and long working range. 

Compact size: the coaster is about 2.8*2.7*0.5 inches and the keypad is 6*4.5*2.1 inches, it is also very important to save space in the limited counter. 

Lightweight: for each pager, it is only 42g, so it is very easy to carry, the customers can easily carry it.

Long working range: The T119 can reach 1900 ft-2600ft, you can also use the repeater to extend the working range. 

If you want to buy it, pls click HERE to check more details

T112 restaurant paging system

From 29th Nov-5ht Dec, T112 is the most popular type in the whole world. It is popular due to the cost-effective price, and long working range. For T112, it is a slim pager, so it is also very easy to handle. On the pagers, you can also change the logo to yourself to enhance your brand. There are 20 pieces pagers in all in one system, so the price is most cost-effective. For the working range it is even longer than T119, it can reach 2600ft. Due to these reasons, the T112 comes to the most popular type, If you want to buy it for your own business, such as restaurants, food trucks, retail stores, cafes, clinics, and so on. Pls click HERE or email us at Hope that our products will help your business

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