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The Key Features to TT116 Translation Device

The Key Features to TT116 Translation Device

The Key Features to TT116 Translation Device

The TT116 wireless translation system is designed to break down language barriers and facilitate meaningful cross-border dialogue. With this state-of-the-art solution, we aim to connect people from different cultures so that they can understand each other effortlessly! In this blog you will experience the beauty of this translation equipment!

Components and Scenarios

The TT116 translation system consists of transmitter, clip-on microphone, receiver and headset (for left and right ears), which is easy to operate and has a wide range of functions to meet the needs of a wide range of translation scenarios, such as in churches, conferences and courtrooms.

Replaceable Batteries

One of the outstanding features of the TT116 interpretation equipment is its replaceable battery. If the interpreter finds that there is no power while interpreting, the batteries can be quickly replaced for uninterrupted use.

Key Lock Function

This interpreting system automatically locks itself after 30 seconds of inactivity, preventing accidental touching or avoiding user error, and ensuring that the selected settings remain unchanged during the interpreting process.

Strong Communication Range

The communication range of the wireless translation equipment is up to 200m/656ft, which means that the listener has a wide range of activities, and can hear the speech clearly even if the interpreter is far away, giving the listener a good listening experience.

50 Channel IDs

tt116 translation device for church conference court

The wireless interpreter system has 50 available channel IDs, allowing multiple languages to have their own dedicated channels and be interpreted simultaneously without signal interference.

Microphone and AUX Inputs

The TT116 transmitter has a separate AUX jack, which allows the microphone jack and AUX jack to be used simultaneously. For example, interpreters can simultaneously play audio while translating in a church by connecting the transmitter to devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Convenient and Simple Operation

TT116 wireless translation device with the one-touch mute function, the transmitter can be muted with the push of a button when the interpreter coughs or does not need to speak, allowing the listener to receive only the useful information. In addition, the receiver is automatically paired with the transmitter by long-pressing the button associated with the transmitter, with no additional operation required on the receiver. When you have finished using the receiver, simply click on the transmitter to switch off all receivers, saving time.

All in all, the TT116 translation device is a great helper when it comes to multilingual translation, if you want to know more about it,please feel free to contact us or email support@retekess.com

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