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How Transmitters and Headphones Work Together

How Transmitters and Headphones Work Together

How Transmitters and Headphones Work Together

Compared with the stationary transmitter, the hand-held transmitter has similar functions, but is small-size, light-weight, and is more convenient to carry. The FM transmitter work with earphones receiver can overcome background noise and realize long-distance information transmission, It is an ideal choice for many people. which is suitable for campuses, shopping malls, churches, silent meetings, etc.

TR504 Transmitters and TR108 Headphones Features

The TR504 FM transmitter supports 4-level power output, 0.01W, 0.05W, 0.2W, 0.6W, supports TF card and AUX audio input, the transmission distance is up to 300 meters in the open air.

The TR108 headset receiver supports stereo sound quality, is light and comfortable to wear, the frosted texture is more suitable for young people who pursue fashion, and is conducive to maintaining a safe social distance while receiving information at a distance.

The TR504 FM transmitter frequency is 76-108MHz, you can use it in the public FM frequency band, the frequency range of TR108 FM earphone is 50-108MHz, just adjust the earphone to the same frequency as the transmitter to achieve information reception, one transmitter can connect unlimited FM receivers, you can connect as many receivers as you want.

The TR504 FM broadcast transmitter has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, and the TR108 FM headset receiver has a built-in 380mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can work for 10-16 hours. The neck-mounted headset supports Bluetooth function, which can connect to a mobile phone to answer or make calls.

The FM transmitters' work with earphone receivers has become very popular in the Covie-19 environment and is often used in drive-in movie theaters, church parking lots, not only to meet people's spiritual needs but also to improve the overall operational efficiency of the industry.

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