Updated Version of TD161 Guest Paging System

Updated Version of TD161 Guest Paging System

Updated Version of TD161 Guest Paging System

The guest paging system is widely used around the whole world. For some restaurants, they may need more than 20 pagers, so there will be several groups of pagers that should be set on the table. Some of the owners said that it is hard to fix all the pagers.  Because sometimes the pagers will landslide and the staffs need to stack up all the pagers again and again. You know, during the busy time in restaurants, the problem seems to need to be solved ASAP.

Based on the customers' feedback, we update the TD161 guest paging system to the new one.

Pls check the list of updated features below:

black guest paging system with holder

Be with the holder

If there are many pagers on the tables, there will be big trouble keeping them standing, so the holder will be very helpful. TD161 guest paging system will be the first model, which has the holder. Every 10 pagers will be with one, it is transparent and also very easy to clean. You can buy several pieces for all the pagers that you need.

For TD161, it also has other good features, such as with the built-in batter on the transmitter, so you can use it for the food truck. Or there are magnets in the pager, so you can put stack them fast.

Use Transmitter Keypad Without Plugging In

400mAh rechargeable battery inside the keypad. It can work continuously for 4 hours without charging, which is best choice for flexible pager systems for food trucks.

Low Power Consumption

The pagers in the TD161 system are designed with low power consumption, which helps to extend battery life and reduce the frequency of recharging or battery replacement. This feature enhances the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system.

7 Prompt Modes

The system offers multiple alert modes, allowing users to choose between vibration, sound, or a combination of both. This flexibility ensures that staff members can receive notifications based on their individual preferences or the specific needs of the situation.


If you need one guest paging system with many pagers for your restaurants, the TD161 will be the best choice. If you want to resell them, pls feel free to email us at support@retekess.com. We can talk about the cooperation in more detail.

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