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Usage of Alphanumeric Pagers TD166 in Long-range Dispatching

Usage of Alphanumeric Pagers TD166 in Long-range Dispatching

Usage of Alphanumeric Pagers TD166 in Long-range Dispatching

Does your logistics office need to address these issues? Drivers communication problems; Unnecessary expenses caused by delays; Lack of agility in operation and management information.

Retekess TD166 logistics management of the paging system help you solve these problems. Gain quality and improve results in your logistics operations. Call drivers in an agile and methodical manner, optimize your operating time and increase the efficiency of your operating team.

Convenient for Freight Drivers

1. Accurate Alphanumeric Pagers

When the driver drives the truck into the parking area, the dispatcher will send a prompt message through the pager system to tell him where to go. The large display screen makes the text display clearer. Send up to 56 characters, more messages can be conveyed.

2. 3 prompt modes and any combaination

Any combination of the three reminder methods can attract the driver's attention to the greatest extent and remind. If the driver misses the message, the pager will remind again, and there will also be color and unresponsive reminders on the computer side.

Suitable for Logisitic Dispatch Room

1. Quick send preset fixed message

TD166 can fix 9 preset messages. For example: stop at position 1; go to the dispatch room; wait at the spot

2. Reduce Dock Time Waste

Eliminate unnecessary running back and forth between trucks. Give them a pager so they know where to go when.

3. Make sure the driver knows

Using a alphanumeric pager to direct truck traffic makes communication easier and more reliable than using a public address system.

4. PC operation:
TD166 can be operated by PC, which is convenient and fast. Multiple pagers can be displayed at the same time on the PC side, and the pager can be called online through the PC, or through the offline keyboard.

There is a countdown reminder on the PC side, and the color indicates the degree of urgency

Unique Advantages of TD166 Alphanumeric Pager

1. Ultra-long distance: The ultra-wide range of 5km can cover large factories, warehouses and logistics distribution centers, which is a distance that other products in the paging system industry cannot reach.

2. Paging system with combination of hardware and software. Offer customized PC software service, including 5 languages English, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

3. Over-range alarm, effectively preventing accidentally take away or loss pagers, which reduce operating losses.

For more information about super long-range logistic paging system TD166, please click here and get more details. For other long range paging systems, please click here and visit more models. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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