Use audio equipment for safe and reliable communication

Use audio equipment for safe and reliable communication

Use audio equipment for safe and reliable communication

During this pandemic, all of us must quickly adapt to various abnormal situations, including isolation from society, rearranging facilities and managing teams in a safe and effective manner to continue to provide daily necessities.

Retekess provide the tour guide audio system for many industries and received the very good feedback of our product.

Common customer information: communication is the key

Our team has been processing many requests from leading manufacturers, fulfillment supply chain organizations and important companies to navigate solutions around communication training and the use of digital devices to support the following important goals:

Provide clear communication for groups that require employees to work on-site

Educate and train individuals and groups that meet social distancing

Cross training to prepare for more absences

One-to-many leadership safe on-site employee training

Digital equipment options-represents the best solution available

Tour Guide Solutions has represented our communications industry for more than 10 years, providing multiple solutions from multiple brands. We only represent real, time-tested systems and provide the best options to support your unique environment and applications.
Let our team assit you with selecting 1-way or 2-way options that align best to unravel new challenges, while ensuring the equipment is straightforward to use with the proper sound quality for your environment.

So if you have any request about the tour guide system, feel free to contact us at

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