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What Are The Benefits of Healthcare Nurse Alarm Calling System

What Are The Benefits of Healthcare Nurse Alarm Calling System

What Are The Benefits of Healthcare Nurse Alarm Calling System

Wireless nurse calling systems remain the most reliable choice for hospitals and clinics because of their stable signal and ease of operation. It is suitable for normal use when the mobile signal is not good. Easy to operate for people who don't have cell phone or can't operate a smartphone. If you are looking for such a nurse alarm calling system, then I recommend you to use the retekess TD122.

The Benefits of Nurse Calling System

Calling system offer reliable communication

For staff: Pagers offer reliable communication between staff and patients within a hospital. It is a great choice for hospitals, which may have many dead zones for smart phones. They are also ideal for remote areas without cellular networks.

For patient: Pagers can send and receive messages when need healthcare or emergency situation. We also call buttons on the call panel and handle, so the patient can easily reach the handle and call the nurse while lying down.

Ease of Use

For staff: Easy operation is easy for nurse to learn and training. Only you need to do is that remember patient with correct number. And it’s easy to operate without mistake.

For patient: easy to use means that all people from different educational backgrounds can know how to use it quickly rather than operating a complex smart phone.

Keep Social Distance

For staff: there’s no need to yell or have to maintain the order of the waiting room. Hospital waiting rooms often get crowded and noisy. But with hospital pager systems, hospitals can streamline their waiting room experiences by taking advantage of the benefits offered by Retekess.

For patient: Patients wait to be called and then receive medical care. Staff will not yell out the names so that protect patients’ privacy. Patients can have a more relaxed waiting experience by walking around hospital grounds. Patients can sit anywhere and monitor the queue progress on LED displays. In addition, nurses only need to press the patient's queue number to inform them that it's their turn to be served.

All in all, from reliability of communication to ease of use for patients and staff, pagers can stay in a hospital longer. Retekess is being improved to be more suitable for medical care scenarios. Through these improvements, these systems have become more effective at streamlining hospital communications.

If you want to know more details about wireless calling system, please click here and check our official. If you want to get one for your hospital or clinic, please feel free to contact us at


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