What Audio system do you need for floating cinema?

What Audio system do you need for floating cinema?

What Audio system do you need for floating cinema?

Due to COVID-19, all of us need to keep social distance with other people. Recently, many cinema try to show the movie on water, so people can see in the boat. Or on the shore. So you will need the FM transmitter and FM receivers (headset type).

The people in the boat may close to the screen and able to hear the audio. But for the people who sit on the shore. It may hard to receive the sound. So you can use the headsets to figure this problem.

Recently, we got many cinema use the FM transmitter do the drive in movie and drive in church services. However, people find new ways to watch the movie. Watch a movie on boat. Even sit close, you can still use the headset to get a better audio sound.

Recently, we have the TR508, TR502, TR505 FM transmitter to choose. For the TR508 FM transmitter, the range is 300-400 meters in the open area. TR502 FM transmitter can reach 3-4KM in the open area. And TR505 FM transmitter can reach 5-6 KM in the open area.

For the receiver, we have the small radio receiver and headset receiver.

We recommend you the V112 or PR12 small radio, or TR101 and TR104 headset receiver.

V112 has the earpiece come with the radio. PR12 you need to buy extra earpiece. But we can provide the earpiece as well. So you can choose the V112 which is more convenience.

For the headsets, we suggest the TR104, which is more comfortable to carry, it does not have the antenna. But the signal is very good. So you don’t need to worry about the quality.

If you have any problems, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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