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What Can the Retekess FT11 FM Transmitter Bring to the Users?

What Can the Retekess FT11 FM Transmitter Bring to the Users?

What Can the Retekess FT11 FM Transmitter Bring to the Users?

Retekess FT11 FM transmitter can convert audio signals in computers, mobile phones, and TF cards into high-fidelity wireless FM stereo signals for transmission. FT11 FM transmitters with FM receivers are widely used in conference translation, guided tours, churches, education training, and factory tours, etc. It brings great convenience to the work of translators, tour guides, missionaries, and lecturers.

First of all, it supports Chinese and English two languages, 4 levels of optional power also make the transmitted signal more stable. Five frequently used shortcut frequencies can be stored, and when you need to use them, you can switch to this frequency with one key instead of manually searching. This will improve work efficiency and optimize the user experience.

Secondly, a variety of sound effects such as Normal, classical, pop, rock, and jazz are available, supporting mono, and stereo channels, bringing a better sound quality experience to users.

In addition, it supports two microphones, an external microphone, and a built-in mic, to provide more choices to meet diverse needs. FT11 is equipped with an external microphone (level 3 condenser microphone) for better sound reception, and it can be clipped to the collar at the same time, freeing the user's hands.

Finally, it can transmit audio content in three ways, and it can be played when it is at the same frequency as the receiver.
1.Use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect FT11 to a computer and mobile phone
2. Connect this item to a computer with a USB cable
3. Use TF Card. (The capacity is preferably 64G and below)

Note: Audio audio files support formats FLAC, WAV, PCM, WMA, MPS
Reminder: Prioritize audio source
Audio input> USB sound card> TF card
Retekess FT11 transmitter can improve work efficiency and transmit audio signals more conveniently and effectively

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