What Do Call Buttons Do at Grocery Stores?

What Do Call Buttons Do at Grocery Stores?

What Do Call Buttons Do at Grocery Stores?

What do call buttons do at grocery stores?

As we know that there are more and more restaurants use wireless calling system to improve customers' satisfaction and overall efficiency.

However, what do call buttons do at grocery stores to avoid losing any transaction?

Many grocery stores have different grocery departments. For example, the meat sales department, fruit department, vegetable department, etc., when the client comes to the meat department or any other departments and at that moment the seller is not in place, what the client could do to call the seller without yelling?

Retekess has the special devices--Wireless Call Button and Watch Receiver to meet the requirements of the grocery stores!

How do they work?

The call buttons are for the clients to have the opportunity to press the button and call the seller when help needed.

Wrist Watch Receiver is for the seller to be called to know where customers need help and provide the service immediately.

How to tell which sales department has customers need help?

When you pair the wireless call button with the watch receiver, you can define the name of the call button, for example, you could set a call button on the meat sales department, when pressing the call button, make the watch receiver show 000A, Meat call.

Also, you could define the 000A to any other 4 numbers or letters and the call name with 12 numbers or letters according to your special needs.

So the key function is enough for you to distinguish the location of each call button.

What's the benefit of using the Retekess Service Calling System?

1, Gives customers the opportunity to call the seller without yelling or walking around

2, Customers' needs are met quickly without the seller guess where has the customer need help.

3, Improve customer satisfaction

4, Reduce the pressure on salesperson

5, Improve the overall image and win more repeat customers

6, Never missed transactions, so as to enhance sales

The range of the calling system up to 50m in an open area, if you need a longer distance, the amplifier will help you. Also, it is very easy for the wrist watch receiver to add call buttons and attach the call buttons to shelves, each call button comes with a double-sided adhesive. 

Should you need more information of the wireless calling system, welcome to email us at support@retekess.com

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