What is the Calling System Can I Chose for Elderly?

What is the Calling System Can I Chose for Elderly?

What is the Calling System Can I Chose for Elderly?

Recently some customers ask what products can be used for the elderly?

First, we need to know where do you use the wireless nurse calling system for? In nurse home or home? Second, what are receivers do you need to use? Last, what is working range do you need?

If you want to use the nurse calling system in the nurse home, you can use the TD121, TD003, or TD002. For TD121, there are 24 beds, you can put it in the nurse home. Once there are calling, the number will be green. We also have 60 ports, which model is TD122. The working range is very long. But if you have many rooms and the working range is long, you can also add the repeater, such as TD021. 

This is for the nurse home, but if you need to use the system at home, you need to choose others, such as the TH001 SOS call button, TH004 red call button, TH003 receivers, and TH103 alarm motion sensor. Let's check the details for the following products. 

TH001 SOS call button, there is a lanyard for the system, so you can ask the elderly to wear it, they can press the call button any time. For the receivers, you can use the watch receivers or the receivers with the music. The working range is not very long, so if you have many floors, not advise you to use this system. But if the elderly are in the back garden, you can use the receivers on the first floor.

TH004 call button, the most important reason is that it is very easy to operate for the elderly and the working range is longer than TH001. 

TH003 receiver is very useful for many people, who need to use it at home. You need to power it on and then when some people press the call button, it will get the signal and broadcast the music. There are 52 kinds of music in all and 4 levels of volume. You can set it by yourself. Usually, you need to put it in the living room.

receiver wireless call button.png

For TH103 alarm, usually it can be used in the toilet, because for the call button, there is a drawstring. If the elderly have an emergency, he can pull it at once. And the sound for the receiver can be adjusted. For more details, you can check the Youtube 

We need to take care of the elderly and pay attention the emergency call from them. If you want to buy the nurse calling system for the elderly, pls email us at support@retekess.com

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