What is the Difference Between TD173 and T112

What is the Difference Between TD173 and T112

What is the Difference Between TD173 and T112

Retekekess TD173 and T112 Guest Paging system

Retekess T112 is the most popular guest paging system due to its high quality and cost-effective price. Retekess focuses on the customer's feedback and will do our best to help your business, so we keep studying the customer needs and made one new arrival Retekess TD173 wireless guest paging system. Let's check the difference between the T112 and TD173

Prompt Time 

For T112, the promote time can not be changed, it is 300S, but for TD173, the time can be set by the function F3, the time can be from 1 to 999s. For setting the prompt time, it is very easy to operate. Just need to choose F3, then enter it to set the time.

Types of a Prompt Way

There are 3 types of prompt ways, but for TD173 there are 10 ways: Beep/light/vibration three kinds of call mode can be used alone can also be two or three ways any combination, reminder mode can be set to mute. But for T112, they are vibration + flashing light / beeping + flashing light / vibration + beeping + flashing light. So you can choose the prompt way based on your needs, such as you can choose the silent way- vibration only on the hospital or church nursery.

Easy to set the TD173 guest paging system

TD173 guest paging system for restaurant

If you want to set TD173, you just need to press the function key on the keypad, it is from F1 to F4, F1 is for the program the pagers number,  F2 is for the prompt time, F3 is for prompt way and F4 is for setting the of the keypad.  But for T112, you need to change the ID of the pager and prompt way via the keys on the pagers. TD173 has an easier way to operate.

Working range 

For T112, the working range can reach 800M in the open area, but for TD173, it can reach about 500M. So you need to choose it based on your needs. 

Touch keypad

The TD173 uses the touch keypad and has a vibration when you press it. So no need to worry about the broken keypad. 

But for T112, it is a mechanical keyboard, you can choose the based on your needs.

Retekess TD173 and T112 paging systems for restaurants have different features, you can choose them based on your needs. If you want to use it for your business or resell it, pls email us at support@retekess.com

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