What speaker system do you need when you handle the business?

What speaker system do you need when you handle the business?

What speaker system do you need when you handle the business?

In this special period time, protect people from COVID-19 is very important. We all know that we have many business to do. Like bank business, fast food business and other business.

We all know that the COVID-19 is spreading by Droplet. So we need to make sure we talk people in a far distance more than 1 meter, that will help a lot. What if we can’t do less than 1 meter, than we need a window speaker system to make sure people hear us clearly without shout. That will be safer. Retekess has 3 models window intercom system for your reference.

TW101 window speaker mic, it has mute Function, master station and substation, the volume of internal and external can be adjusted by separately, it is very convenient for use.

TW102 speaker system this size is very small, and it will save space, you can record the conversation, so it is very using for place which need copy invoice between staff and customer.

JT-1918 window speaker system with total full duplex technology, that means both side can talk on the same time.

As we all know that, in the bank counter, the staff will use the window intercom system to communicate with customers. When you go to the office to pay bills water bill, electric bill and all other bills. In addition, we may need to go customer.

In addition, ticket booth or service window; in movie theaters, stations, stadiums, theme parks, banks, and consulates. All these working places are perfect with the window intercom system. They can improve the efficiency of the staff and improve satisfaction for your business.

Now it is the best time to buy the best two way intercom system, retekess glad to provide the best products and service for you. If you have any doubt, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com


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