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Which FM Transmitter is Available for the Drive-in Church Now?

Which FM Transmitter is Available for the Drive-in Church Now?

Which FM Transmitter is Available for the Drive-in Church Now?

Which FM transmitter is available for the drive-in church Now?

Due to COVID-19, many people must be staying at home. But lift will move on, what should we do for the Easter and how do we worship on Sunday? 

How can we do the church service?

So some pastors find the solution: using the FM transmitter to broadcast, and people can sit in the car to listen to the car radio. 

All the people need to be in a parking lot or beach. Nobody touches, so it is safer.

Retekess TR501, TR502m and TR505 are popular due to the quality and best price. 

But it is also because it is so popular, all the transmitters are out of stock now. So we get the new type to meet the needs 

Retekess TR507:

  • Available stock

  • Work 1.5-2.5KM, (test by myself)

  • Support Frequency lock

  • High quality with full metal material

  • Work in long-range and with the good quality of the sound

  • Support Bluetooth, TF card,1/4 MIC interface, AUX output and input, Flash driver

Pls check the pictures of TR507

We have hundreds of pieces in stock after you pay it, we will send the parcel within 2 business days.

But if you want the lower power with the FCC , you can check the TR508 

If you want to know more information, pls feel free to contact me at support@retekess.com

If you still have no idea which type to choose, pls check the other article  


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I have reviewed this Retekess TR 507 information about the Retekess Transmitter and only wish to get pne exactly like ro start my community radio station

Comment author


Hello, what can I do for you and what information would you like to know?

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Mary Kay Glunt

I sent an email but haven't heard from you. What do you have available now, and how quickly can I get it. On Amazon it says the TR508 wouldn't arrive not until July 16-26

Comment author


Hi, friend. Happy to get your message. We do reply to every customer, if you do not get the reply, could you pls check it in the SPAM? May i know do you need the TR508 now?

Comment author


Hello Mary, I am sorry for your inconvenience. We usually reply to all the emails in 24 hours, could you please check if it was marked as a spam automatically? The TR508 will be in stock on 15th, May, then it takes about 4-9 working days for delivery by DHL. Hope the information helpful to you. You could purchase it from our website directly: https://www.retekess.com/TR508-FM-Transmitter-Lower-Power-Broadcast-Station-for-Drive-in-Church-School/

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Diane Knowles

Has anyone tried using the AUX out to connect to laptop as audio input to OBS for live streaming, while at the same time transmitting out to the drive in audience? I have been using a USB receiver + antenna, along with the "Radio Receiver" Chrome App as input to OBS (along with some noise filtering in OBS to take out as much static as possible). That approach is working pretty well, but just experimenting with other ways to get the best quality I can out to our live streaming audiences.

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