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Which Intercom System can be Used for the Food Truck?

Which Intercom System can be Used for the Food Truck?

Which Intercom System can be Used for the Food Truck?

Running a food truck can be exciting, but it also comes with a unique set of challenges. How can you keep your business going during periods of slow customer traffic? What’s the best way to handle mechanical problems with your food truck? And in today’s world, how can you ensure a safe distance between customers and your staff during the pandemic?

At a time when many businesses are struggling, including restaurants, hospitals, clinics, and banks, it is important for food truck owners to adapt and find innovative solutions. One such solution is the window speaker system, which can help maintain a safe distance while communicating with customers.

The window speaker system is easy to install and consists of a microphone, speaker, and adapter. The speaker is placed outside of the window, and the length of the speaker cable can be customized to your needs. If you are interested in purchasing a window speaker system, please email for pricing information.

window speaker system

At Retekess, we offer several types of window speaker systems, including the new TW105 and TW106 models. The TW105 is made with fully metal material and features a 5W high-quality speaker. Its split microphone design ensures clear and loud sound, and it also comes with a Mic jacket that allows you to connect it with the TT123 for a wireless option. This allows owners the freedom to move around and communicate with customers even from a distance, which is especially helpful during the pandemic.

The TW106 is also equipped with a 5W speaker, but its microphone is even more professional, delivering even clearer sound. The TW106 can also be used with the TT123 for a wireless option.

Finally, the TW104 is a two-way system, allowing for simultaneous communication between customers and staff. However, unlike the TW105 and TW106, only one side of the conversation can be heard at a time. Like the TW105 and TW106, it is made with fully metal material.

Please note that all of our window speaker systems output DC, requiring an AC to DC converter if you prefer to use AC. These converters can be purchased locally or on Amazon.

We know that running a food truck can come with many hurdles, but with the right equipment and innovative solutions, your business can thrive. Consider investing in a window speaker system from Retekess to keep your business running safely and efficiently. For more details, please click here or email us at


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Its so sad that none of these sytems are weatherproof, especially since there is an exterior piece.

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Thank you for your support to Retekess, if you need waterproof products, you can refer to Retekess TD156 paging system

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