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Why a Food Truck Need a Paging System

Why a Food Truck Need a Paging System

Why a Food Truck Need a Paging System

There are more and more food trucks/trailers available around the world and becoming increasingly popular. However, no business is easy to succeed, in addition to provide fresh and delicious food, we have to concern more about our customers' satisfaction to make our-self have competition with other food trucks.

What you have done to protect your customers during COVID-19 outbreak?

What have you done to make customers more comfortable in hot or bad weather?

What have you done to make customers take food in time so that they could have a hot meal?

... ...

If your answers are NO, how do you think you will be left customers a deep memory?

If your answers are NO, it's time to invest in an affordable TD163 Restaurant Paging System.

Invest a set of TD163 Restaurant Paging System at USD219, you will get unbeatable customer feedback.

You will be able to connect with customers all the time with a Retekess pager. Give customers more freedom while waiting for the orders. No matter the weather is hot, cold, or rainy, customers could wait for orders in their comfortable cars.

Customers could take the guest pager and walk around as they want with no worry about they will miss their orders. Let customers know their orders are ready in the first time instead of giving customers meals that are already cold.

It is also called a Social Distancing Paging System because customers no longer have to wait in line in front of the car, reducing contact from the customer to customer.

These restaurant pagers are easily sterilized. Once customers return the coaster pagers, just wrap them with alcohol.

In addition to the beneficiary mentioned above, the staff will no longer need to yell people's names again and again.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective restaurant paging system, Retekess New Arrival TD163 Guest Paging System will be the best choice for you. Any questions, just feel free to email us at We are also available on WhatsApp at +86 15639073051

Cannot wait to receive your feedback that“ The Best Money We have Ever Spent!”

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