Why Choose TD163 Wireless Guest Paging System?

Why Choose TD163 Wireless Guest Paging System?

Why Choose TD163 Wireless Guest Paging System?

Good Features of TD163 Restaurant Guest Paging System

The guest paging system is very widely used at this time to protect our safety, especially in restaurants. But some of the bosses want to use more pagers in the limited space. Some of them need 20 pagers in each unit. We make the items based on the customer's needs, so we have TD163.

Let's check the reason why we choose TD163 Guest Paging System

20 pcs coaster pagers in one unit to save space

All the other coasters pagers have the 10 pcs pagers, if you need more, you need to add the charging base. If you need more, such as 40 pcs, you need to have 4 charging base and 4 power adapters, how to charge them is also a big problem, but for the TD163, 20 pcs in one keypad. Very convenient to use in the counter to save space.

Retekess guest paging system

Touch keypad no gap, IP32 waterproof level

You know, the water is everywhere in the restaurant, so the waterproof level is also a good feature for the restaurant guest paging system. 

Lower power reminder to prompt you to charge them in time 

We run the business all day, so the power reminder is most important for the boss when the power is small, it will show " Lo" on the screen. 

guest paging system TD163

Long standby time

Use 300mAh lithium battery, long standby time, up to 18 hours

Support different keypads call one-pager 

It is very convenient to call the same pagers through the different keypads, you can use them in the different windows. It is the most important good feature for the TD163 wireless guest paging system.

call pagers by different keypads

Long working range

It can up to 500M in the open area, so that you can handle the pagers to the customers and ask them to sit in their cars to wait. or can hangle around, it will improve the customer satisfaction and save the staffs working and cost.

If you do need one wireless guest paging system to help your business, pls place the Retekess TD163 as option 1, if you want to know more, pls email us at support@retekess.com or click here to check more options.

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