Why Do Nurse Stations Need Retekess Display Receivers?

Why Do Nurse Stations Need Retekess Display Receivers?

Why Do Nurse Stations Need Retekess Display Receivers?

Medical staff in clinics and hospitals need to spend a lot of time and energy to take care of many patients at the same time every day, which will create a huge workload for them. If the nursers miss the patient's call or show any negligence, it may threaten the patient's life and cause great harm and loss to the clinic or the patient's family. Therefore, clinics and hospitals should be equipped with equipment that patients can quickly notify doctors and patients, and can respond to the needs of patients in a timely manner, so as to provide patients and their families with more assured treatment and recuperation conditions

Installing Retekess display receivers in the corridors of nurses' stations and hospitals can remind medical staff to provide help to patients in need, and will not miss or forget any call

The call buttons can transmit the request for help to the display screen receiver by pressing the call button, which is a simple and easy action when the patient needs it or encounters an emergency. After receiving the information from the display receiver, the medical staff can provide timely help to the patients in need. This will not only help patients in time but also improve the work efficiency of medical staff and reduce work pressure

You can install different types of display receivers according to your needs. We currently have three different specifications: TD105, T114, and TD124. The T114 has a white appearance and exquisite size, which is more suitable to be installed on the doctor's desk, which is convenient for the patient to transmit the signal to the doctor in time. TD124 supports connecting to a PC to export call records and monitor call information. The larger size is more suitable for installation in the corridors of clinics and nursing homes. It is convenient for nurses or doctors who come and go to see the call message and provide timely help to the patient. TD105 can display 4 groups of call information at the same time, and the appearance design with a base is more suitable for being placed on the table of the nurse station

Retekess' 2024 new product in the medical call series, TH108&TH107 nurse call system, the working distance between the TH108 host button and the host is up to 2000 meters. The working distance between the host and the button of TH107 is 500m in the open air. The working distance exceeds 80% of the products of other brands.

Click here to view TH108

Click here to view the TH107 with TH009 single button buttons

Click here to view the TH107 with th008 two-key button 

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