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Why Need to Use Tour Guide System in Museum?

Why Need to Use Tour Guide System in Museum?

Why Need to Use Tour Guide System in Museum?

The COVID-19 had lasted for 2 more years, what should we do to improve the experience and keep the safety for all the customers? 

A: Do the vaccination

It will surely avoid spreading the COVID-19 in the museum, where has the short distance in the small space. In my museums, it is encouraged. Let's check one rule in one museum

New York City will require museum visitors and staff to be vaccinated, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday. The requirement is a part of the city's expanded "Key To NYC" plan to combat the Delta variant. 

B: Wear the market

Although state and municipal mandates on mask requirements, social distancing, and capacity limitations for group gatherings have been lifted, Phoenix Art Museum will continue to require the following measures in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants within our own facility. Visitors who do not comply with Museum policies as outlined at or via additional in-person guidance will not be permitted to continue their visit and will not receive a refund.


Masks or face coverings that fit snugly over the mouth and nose are strongly encouraged for all visitors and staff inside the Museum

Need a tour guide system to overcome the distance

Visitors and staff are required to maintain a minimum of six feet of physical distance from all other visitors and staff, with the exception of those in a visitor’s own group/household

Need a tour guide system for group tours

Groups of guests visiting the Museum together are limited to 10 people or fewer. These parties are required to maintain six feet of physical distance or more from other visitors and group

C: Use tour guide system

Due to the order, the tour guide system is needed, due to that, it can help people keep the safe distance. The guide can wear the transmitter and talk, within the working range, all the customers can hear the sound clearly. The system not only can help the guide save the voice, but also improve the experience. Because they no need to stay with the guides all the time, but also hang around. For the range, usually, the customer and guide will be within 30M, so for the working range, you can make your choice among all the Retekess tour guide systems. Such as T130/T131, TT105, TT122, and so on.

For T130/T131 it is the most popular guide system, due to the best price and high quality. The working range can be about 20-40M, it is enough for many travels.

For TT105, it is the only neck type, which supports 2 transmitters who can talk during one group. And the 2 transmitters can talk with each other. The other type, which supports 2 transmitters' talk one group is TT106. But due to that, it is the ear type, so the TT106 tour guide system always is used in the meetings and translations.

The TT122 is our new arrival, which has the fashion design-white and balck. It also adopts the 2.4G technology, so people can use it freely in the whole world. 

If you want to choose one type for your business, pls feel free to email us at We will choose the best type for your business.

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