Why Paging System for Food Hall is Necessary for Your Business

Why Paging System for Food Hall is Necessary for Your Business

Why Paging System for Food Hall is Necessary for Your Business

When running a food counter in a noisy food hall, your delicious food attracts a lot of customers but there are long queues waiting for their food. If you encounter this situation, which paging system should you use?

Retekess has been focusing on wireless communication for many years and we offer slim pagers and coaster pagers. I will show you why should choose the wireless calling system.

How do Paging System Help Your Business?

Efficiency and Keep distance

After getting an order, your employees can focus on finishing orders. They can find customers without effort. In noisy environment, such as food hall, it’s no need to yell back customers. What’s more, during the pandemic of COVID-19, customers can maintain social distance while waiting.

Keep Food Fresh

Pager system helps you remind customers to pick up their food timely in noisy places. Customer will enjoy fresh and hot meal. You don't worry about the food getting cold if it can't be picked up in time.

Various Function of Pagers

Prompt Mode

Pagers have multiple reminder modes, including vibration, flash, beep. You can modify it according to your needs. Make sure customers get the reminder and come to pick up their food in time. Even in a noisy food hall.

Stable Signal

Retekess wireless calling system has external antenna. The signal is very stable and can pass through thick walls, obstacles, etc. Working range up to 985--2624 feet in open areas according to different model. This range is sufficient for food hall. During the waiting time, customers can walk around the neighborhood to reduce waiting anxiety.

Easy to Operate

Easy to use and charge. All you need to do is connect the customer's order with pager number, and give it to the customer when ordering. When the order is finished, press the corresponding number and call them to pick up the meal, and take the pager back. The prompt beep will only stop when the menu is put back into the charging slot or base. The charging station is small in size and does not need a lot of space.

If you want to know more, please contact us at our official email: support@retekess.com. We will give you the best recommendation.


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