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Wireless Paging System Improve Customer Satisfaction and Protect Staff from Harsh Treatment

Wireless Paging System Improve Customer Satisfaction and Protect Staff from Harsh Treatment

Wireless Paging System Improve Customer Satisfaction and Protect Staff from Harsh Treatment

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, more and more restaurants are full of people. But some problems that cannot be ignored also follow. In some cities where recruitment is difficult, did you have seen the slogan [Please be kind to our staff]? Some restaurants put it outside and try to improve the relationship between customers and staff. Too many customers and orders may not only bring income, but also cause employees to be under pressure. And customer needs cannot be met in time, which reduces their consumption experience, and even attract complaints to restaurants.

So, it is better to know how to use the Retekess wireless calling system. Our pagers are based on wireless FM technology, and the paging system will connect with receivers in a certain range. Our products are mainly divided into 2 types: one is a guest paging system, and the other is a service calling system.

Guest Paging System

As the name suggests, the guest pager system will call up the corresponding number of pager through the transmitter keyboard. And the pager will beep and vibrate to inform customers that it is time to return to the front reception or go to the food pick-up place. With the reminder pager in hand, customers will not pay much attention to the queue, and they can walk around freely while waiting or get in their car and wait. In this way, the buzzer gives customers freedom, and at the same time keeps customers away from the front reception and the kitchen, reducing contact with employees and the probability of conflicts.

What's more, the pager system also helps the staff to focus on finishing the order and efficiently, instead of yelling the customer's name while looking for his or her place. When the food is ready, staff press the keypad and call the customer to pick up the meal, which can reduce the irritability of the customer waiting in the whole process, and the customer can treat the waiter more friendly.

Service Calling System

If you want to use a service pager system, you can install call buttons on the dining tables. It is convenient for customers to call service when they need it, and waiters in other locations can respond quickly through watch pager receivers or screen receivers. Please pay attention that you need both receivers and call button transmitters to work together. When customers need service, the waiter will be there as soon as possible to help them. In addition, Retekess provides multi-key buttons including [BILL, ORDER, CALL, CANCEL], and more, which includes all types of services that customers want. The watch pager sends employees corresponding messages and alarm them.

The relationship between customers and employees is not only a relationship of being served and served but also mutual respect. But there still need the boss and manager to balance between them. You need to consider that restaurants or service places need a wireless paging system that is useful and cost-effective to rationally plan the process, reduce unnecessary friction and conflicts between customers and employees, and improve employees' work efficiency and work experience.

Overall, a useful system works better than taglines alone!

For more information, please click here and get more knowledge about the wireless paging system. Please feel free to email us at support@retekess.com, and we will always be here to help you.

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