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Wireless Communication Headset System for Horse Riding and Training

Whether it's for a beginner looking to build a solid foundation, an intermediate rider aiming to improve their skills, or an advanced competitor looking to fine-tune their performance, our wireless communication headset system is the perfect tool for the equestrian journey.  ...

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Retekess’ First WiFi Smart Emergency Call Button TH013 for the Elderly or Patients

TH013 wireless caregiver call button provides immediate assistance with a touch, alerting caregivers through TH011 Alert Transmitter system for peace of mind.  ...

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Paris Olympics are Coming - Enhance France Tour with Tour Guide System

Great tour operators have long recognized the benefits of incorporating an audio tour guide device into their itineraries. Whether it's guiding visitors to Olympic venues, exploring cultural landmarks, or discovering museum treasures, by providing your clients with these devices, you can ensure that your clients receive the highest quality of service during their trip to France.  ...

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How Retekess TH108/TH107 Nurse Call Light Systems Works?

The hospital call light is a vital device for patients to request assistance from staff. It allows patients to conveniently signal their needs, ensuring prompt attention and care. Call lights serve as an essential tool in hospitals, aiding patients with various requirements for optimal comfort and support.  ...

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Retekess TD108 LoRa Nurse Calling System

Retekess listed the TH108 LoRa calling system , which is with many good features, such as 3 levels setting, compact size, easy to operate.  ...

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Why Retekess TT126 Tow Way Tour Guide System

Retekess listed a new arrival, the TT126 two way system, this model can meets others cucotmers needs who need all the people talk and listen. if you need it, please feel free to check it.  ...

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Elevating Guided Tours with Retekess TT125 Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets

The Retekess TT125 Tour Guide Microphone and Headset provides a comprehensive audio solution for tour guides. This advanced system features clear audio transmission, long battery life, and a comfortable design to enhance communication and engagement while traveling.  ...

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Enhancing Communication and Accessibility with the Retekess TT117 FM Tour Guide Translation System

The Retekess TT117 FM Tour Guide Translation System is designed to enhance communication in multilingual settings. It offers clear audio transmission and reception using FM technology, supporting up to 17 channels for language translation. The portable system is user-friendly, with adjustable volume control and a range of up to 80 meters. It's an excellent choice for overcoming language barriers, ensuring effective communication, and engaging diverse audiences.  ...

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TH107 nurse calling system for Hospital

Discover how the TH107 nurse calling system enhances hospital communication, ensuring efficient response times and improved patient care.  ...

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