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Retekess Window Intercom Systems Introduction

Retekess, the most popular window speaker system's supplier, gives an introduction to our window intercom systems, which enable clear communication through glazed screens.  ...

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Do you wanna have fun with family during COVID-19 Period?

Are you boring when you stay at home? Do you want to play games with your family? Retekess TM101 will make your life much fun. You can play games at home. Which is the best product for you staying at home. If any questions, feel free to email me us at  ...

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What Modifications Can You Make in Retekess TD015 Queue Display System?

Retekess TD015 queue calling system is widely used in hospital, factory, restaurant, and so on. It will show the number on the screen and announce it. So no need to gather together. It is an effective way to reduce contact at this time.  ...

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What FM Receiver Can Use for the FM Broadcast Transmitter?

Retekess FM radio receiver is very popular in the whole world, we have the FM/AM type, aviation band, cassette player, and so on. If you want to use it as an FM receiver for a drive-in church or movie, you can email us at to get the best solution.  ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose TW105 Window Intercom System

Window intercom system allows a person speaking into a microphone to be heard on a speaker by people in a different area and can talk back through the mic, it helps restaurants, pubs, clinics, libraries, ticket sales, or any organization need to continue to provide service to customers to reopen the business.  ...

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Retekess is Proud of Helping Many Companies Solved the Social Distancing Issue

Retekess is a technology company that provides wireless communication solutions, we are proud of helping many companies overcome the communication issue in the daiy work. Especially to solve the social distancing issue to allow many businesses to open during the COVID-19 period. Click to learn more of the successful cases from Retekess.  ...

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How to Choose and Set FM Broadcast Transmitter?

How to use Retekess FM transmitter to help our life and business in the pandemic? How to set the FM broadcast transmitter in the clear sound and stable signal?  ...

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Do you need a headphone input function of the window speaker systems?

You may request a headphone plug of the two way intercom system, retekess TW102 TW103 and TW105 TW106 two way communication device will work for you. Feel free to check and contact us at  ...

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What is difference between Retekess TW105 and TW106 two way intercom system?

Recently, Retekess has two new models window speaker intercom TW105 and TW106. Both are 5W, which make the sound very stable, and they have best penetrating function. Which make the customers and staffs hear each other very clear. It will improve the effeciency a lot. If you are interested, feel free to email us at  ...

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How to Clean or Disinfect the Pager of Wireless Paging System in COVID-19 Pandemic?

In the pandemic, how to clean and disinfect the wireless guest pagers to avoid the COVID-19? Retekess will supply the right way to help you reduce contact with others and stay safe.  ...

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