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Can you use the tour guide transmitter as an audio device?

Retekess tour guide system, the transmitter supports audio function, which you can connect your phone or pc to play music or other audio if you need, for TT103 and T130, you can talk and play at the same time. Which is really helpful for you.  ...

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Why Retekess Wireless Kitchen Calling System

How we choose wireless calling system in your restaurant kitchen to improve your business?  ...

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Why Retekess Service Calling System

How to improve your restaurant business? What should we do when using Retekess service calling system? Restaurant calling system  ...

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9 Reasons to Choose the Retekess TD103 Paging System

Retekess TD103 long range paging system adopts FM technology, the range up to 1200m in the open area. The coaster pagers with special functions like out of range alarm, waterproof and so on.  ...

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Why Choose the Guest Paging System in Restaurant

What is Retekess guest paging system? Why choose Retekss guesting paging system? What will we gain after using Retekess guest paging system in your catering business?  ...

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New Arrival Retekess TD107 One Way Door Bell Welcome Alarm Light with IR Motion Sensor 

Wireless welcome doorbell alarm device, it can be used widely in your life. It is good for your business and also can use at home. It adopts IR technology, it is very sensitive, and the range can cover 3-6 meters. It is far enough for mention you that some people are around. It can improve the cunstomers' experience if you have a store. You deserve it.  ...

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The Battery Types of Retekess Tour Guide Systems

Retekess Tour Guide System have two type battery support, build-in rechargeable battery and normal battery, so you can choose the type you need.  ...

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How to Place an Order on the Retekess Website

Steps for maiing order online of Retekess official website. if you want to do dropshipping, wholesale, make big orders, be the partner, or be dealer. Pls send us email, we can make it more clear with more details.  ...

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