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Retekess Tour Guide System

Custom Solution

Retekess solutions provide multi-category products to meet your needs, and we also provide solutions that combine software and hardware. Using AM, FM, voltage stabilizing circuits, difference frequency forwarding, and other technologies, we provide customers with professional wireless products and solutions. And we have already provided complete solutions for customers in different fields.

For the catering industry, after the meal is completed, the chef may encounter the problem of not being able to find the waiter to deliver the meal. At this time, you need a watch receiver and a call button, the chef can directly call the corresponding waiter through the call button. And the customer will also encounter when they can’t find a waiter, you can also place a call button on the table at this time, customers only need to press the button to easily find the waiter. It can not only improve communication between employees but also increase the speed of waiters to respond to service needs, thereby improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Managers can monitor the overall operation, deal with emergencies in a timely manner, and export all records through the software for employee evaluation.

Currently, the programs we provide involve catering, hotel, medical, casino, retail, tourism, factory tour, training, education, translation, conference, and other industries.

Therefore, no matter whether the solution you need is relatively complicated or simple, the combination of software and hardware or other special needs, you just explain to us what you want to achieve, and our professional team is confident to provide you with the best solution.

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