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Retekess TD036 Service Call Buttons Wireless Panic Button Systems for Clinics, Restaurants, Bars

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Adapted to watch receiver and display receiver of Retekess

Effortlessly placed the device using double-sided adhesive stickers press for service button

Low Battery Reminder;Stay informed with a reminder when it's time to replace the batteries

Removable Battery;Easily replace batteries for uninterrupted monitoring and assistance

IP55 Waterproof; Designed to withstand splashes and light rain, ensuring durability in various environments

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Features of TD036 Service call button customer service button

Easy to place customer service button

The callbutton can stand on the table by the support at the back; or fixed on the wall (with a rope or hanging on a nail on the wall); you can place it as you need.

Low battery reminder

Our upgraded call bell has the low battery notification and reminds you when it's time to change the battery; never worry about missing customer's calls again due to low battery.

Removable battery

The elderly monitoring assistance supports 2 AAA batteries; which is very convenient to replace when it is out of power; and you don't have to worry about not being able to buy suitable batteries locally.

100-200 meters working range server call button

the open distance of the caregiver pager is 120-200m /394-656ft and the indoor distance is 40-60 m/131-197ft; this button also supports repeaters to increase the distance.

IP55 life waterproof

Offers protection for the server pager; can be allowed to splash water or rain, and can also dip a small amount of cold water to clean; You can completely install it on the wall of a kitchen or bathroom without worrying about water dripping on it and damaging it.

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TD036 customer service button

Working voltage

3V (two AAA batteries)

Color selection


Standby current


Indicator light

red, green


120-200m (open space)


Each call button is equipped with:

1 x EVA double-sided tape

1 x protective cover

2 x Mounting screws

2 ×Green rubber plugs

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