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Retekess TD107 One-Way Door Welcome Alarm Wireless Doorbell Alert Motion Sensor Device

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Retekess TD107 Welcome Alarm with Infrared Sensor technology, multi-function, Integrated one-way Welcome Door Bell, it can support artificial synthesis or download sound, Dual color lights increase product experience, Large speaker configuration, sound can be adjusted, multi-language


Retekess TD107 Door Welcome Alarm Alert Door Bell Infrared Sensor

The Welcome Device is using a infrared pyroelectric principles to sense human activity information technology. It can accurately identify the information of human activities. It can accurately recognize the direction and send warm reminders, alarms, greetings, etc. at the first time. For applications, change different voices at any time. Can be used in restaurants, shops, exhibition halls, subway stations, elevators, door reminders, automatic megaphones, advertising promotions, etc.

Thress remind modes: welcome/doorbell mode(default), Alarm remind mode, Night light mode. 4 level volume. It can use 1-2 months (each day alarm 30 times). 

Disarming function: When the alarm is triggered, during the continuous sound of the alarm for 30 seconds, press the POWER key to disarm and enter the shutdown state, or press the remote control.

Mute interrupt function: When other conditions are triggered, during the process of playing the sound or the light is on, you can short press any key to stop the sound and light prompt in advance.

The use of three primary color high-brightness LED lights, high illumination, can be a variety of different color lighting reminders and choices.

Power-off memory, it is easy for customer operation


4 function buttons                                                                                                       

ON/OFF Key                                                                                                                                                                                     

Switch Mode Key

Selection Song Key                                                                               

Volume Key(4 levels) 

3 working modes

Welcome guests/ Doorbell mode 

Alarm Mode                

Motion sensor lighting mode  

MP3 and WAV format           

Support DIY Voice, you can upload by USB cable (don't support IOS computer system)                                                                                              

Support English, Franch, German,Russian,Japan,Korea,Thai language

Build-in U disk, Capacity: 3.5M




Charing way

Support 3x AAA Alkaline or 3x AAA rechargerable battery, or charger with 5V adapter 

Infrared Technology Detection

The angle is 100 degrees in the horizontal direction and 15 degrees in the vertical direction. Large-area detection is possible, and the detection distance can be 3-6 meters.

Big Speaker

8 chord music chip, Φ40mm large volume speaker, loud and clear sound.

Apearance like a Robort , it is very refined. The voice languages are customized ( English, Korea, Japan, Russian, Jermany, Thai). 

Integrated, you can put it on the table or fixed it on the wall. 



1.MP3 function, support WAV, MP3 format, multi-national voice, custom voice, customers can define themselves.

2. Double color lamp design, breathing light effect, adjustable brightness.

3.8 chord music chip, 40MM big speaker, clear sound, sweet.

4. Music adjustable, power-off memory, convenient for customer operation

5. Available 3xAAA dry battery / Ni-MH rechargeable battery / USB power interface, enrich customer choice, applicable to different situations.(Battery not included)

6. Can be used for welcoming, doorbell, alarm, night light for multiple purposes.

7. 360 degree adjustment at any angle, can be hung and placed on the desktop.

8. Memory function after power off. 

9. Build in U disc, capacity is 3.5M. 


It is uitable for villas, office space, high-end clubs, hotels, homes, factories, shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, subway stations, elevators, door prompts, automatic megaphones, advertising promotions, etc.! Except above use, you can also use at your home. The light function can use as the light in the night, when you wake up and out of bed. It will light, much more convenience for using. 

Note: Please do not put under the sun or rain, also don't close to the air-condition and fan, in case it will ring all the time. 

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