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Retekess TD185 Table Location System for Restaurants Cafes and Bars

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Precise positioning can be achieved, easy to find and greatly improve the efficiency of serving food

The system is easy to install and can be operated by a single person

The Locator is powered by 3 x 5 alkaline batteries, allowing for long standby time

Pagers have a stable signal and can standby for 6 days after a full charge

The system can realize the whole table sensing, just put the pager on the table to sense the location information. Low error rate

Retekess TD185 Table Location System's Pagers and Locators have a stable signal. The effective range in open areas is over 200m. Although indoor obstructions may reduce the range to a certain extent, it can be very good for most restaurants, Cafes, and Bars.

Precise positioning, easy to find, can greatly improve the efficiency of serving food

Table Location System is a system installed on each table. When the pager is placed on the table where the customer is seated after ordering, the exact location of the customer's seat can be seen on the display. The system can deliver the food to the customer's seating area precisely and quickly without changing the customer's habits. This not only improves efficiency significantly, but also eliminates the need to arrange too many people to deliver food. Reduce the expenditure on manpower.

Pagers have stable signal and can standby for 6 days after full charge

After complete installation of the system, Pagers have a stable signal within the applicable range and can achieve accurate positioning. In addition, pagers use a high-capacity batterries, which can achieve 6 days long standby after a one-time charge.

Pagers use magnetic charging technology and cascade base (cascade charging cable needs to be purchased separately)

Most of the traditional Pager System uses a plug-in charging dock. When the usage time accumulates to a certain level, the product will be aged and may have poor contact. However, the charging base of this system adopts a magnetic suction type, which can effectively prolong the service life of the charging system. Easy and accurate charging freedom. If the size of your restaurant requires more than one set of Table Location Systems. TD185 can still be achieved, but the connection cable between the cascade bases needs to be purchased separately.

Locators run on dry cell batteries for long standby times

Locators are powered by dry cell batteries. This reduces the number of lines that may be present in the dining area. With safety in mind, it achieves both aesthetic neatness and ultra-long standby time for locators.

HDMI port, send HDMI cable to connect the monitor.

TD185 Table Location System will come with an HDMI cable. You can easily find the HDMI port on your TV or monitor. The system control host requires no installation and is plug-and-play. The connection between the host computer and the display can be done through the included HDMI cable. Note that the display needs to be prepared by you. In addition, the system can only be connected to the display or TV, not to the computer host.

The system supports custom seating, and users can see the timeout alert and warning background color through the monitor

After customers finish seating, the corresponding area of the display is orange. After the waiting time is exceeded, the color changes to blue, reminding the merchant to serve meals in time. After the serious timeout, the color changes to red, reminding the merchant that must be immediately out of the meal.

Full table induction positioning, as long as the pager is placed on the table to sense the location information, low error rate

The sensing line of the system will be placed under the table. The sensing area is greatly expanded, and the whole table will become the sensing area so that the Pager can synchronize the location information by simply placing it on the table without aligning it with a specific sensing area. This greatly reduces the error rate caused by sensing problems.

Select your own language and input method

You can select your preferred language and input method through the system's remote control in the settings. You can also change your favorite background color.

Installation instructions:

You just need to follow the instructions in the image below to complete the installation. You can find your doubts from the content below.

1. Each table a locator, the interface is not divided into positive and negative level, installed in the bottom of the table, with screws or double-sided tape to fix the location

2.  induction line along the bottom edge of the table wiring, fixed with wire clips, must be close to the desktop to avoid

Overhang lead to induction failure

3.  induction line and locator interface must be wrapped with insulating adhesive to avoid short circuit

4. The locator uses three No. 5 batteries, please install in accordance with the positive and negative signs, to avoid reverse installation, the battery cover must be screwed and tightened

Installation precautions.

1, the wire around the bottom of the table around the ring-shaped area for positioning detection effective area.

2, the wire as straight as possible, fit the desktop, the detection effect is more sensitive.

3, the desktop can be used wood, plastic, glass and other materials, avoid using metal, marble desktop.

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Parameter Specifications:

                    Meal Brand

Transmitting frequency: 433MHZ

Modulation mode: FM FSK

Transmitting power: 13dbm

Standby power consumption: 3MA~5MA

Operating current: less than 2.5MA (positioning success)

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Battery: 3.7V/300mAh lithium battery

Charging voltage: 5V

Communication distance: 50m in the open

Charging method: magnetic suction

Positioning method: Active RFID

Product material: ABS

Appearance size: 135×58×23mm


              Control Host

Power source: 12V/1A

Communication frequency: 433 FM

Display interface: HDMI

System: Android 7.1.2

Main frequency: rk3128 4-core 1.3GHZ

Internal memory: 1G 

Cache: 8G

Appearance size: 108×108×15.5mm

Product material: ABS

Remote control: Infrared



Coding mode: Manchester code

Battery: 3 No. 5 alkaline batteries, can work for about 2 years

Communication mode: 125kHz near field communication

Sensing distance: 20cm

Product material: ABS

Appearance size: 88×56×23mm


Package details:

1 positioning delivery controller (including antenna), 8 positioning signal transmitters, 8 meal plates, a tray of eight charging base 1, 80 cable clips, locator double-sided adhesive 10, infrared remote control 1, 12V1A power supply 2, wire 50M, screws 2 specifications a total of 30, HDMI cable 1, 5 languages manual.

What is the effective distance of the TD185 Table Location System?

The TD185 Table Location System has an effective distance of 200m or more for information dissemination in open areas outdoors. The effective use distance indoors is about 50m.

What should I do if the number of products in a set is not enough?

At present, the number of pagers in a set of products is 8, and it is very likely that the number is not enough. If you need more pagers, you can contact us to buy pagers and locators separately, but the cascade base connection cable is not included in the package of pagers and locators separately. This cable can help you to connect the charging base of pagers to complete the synchronous charging.

Pagers can standby for 6 days when fully charged, so how long can the locators be used with batteries installed?

Each locator requires 3 alkaline batteries of size 5. According to our factory experimental data, the common batteries in the market can support the locator to work for about two years. Of course, other objective factors, such as the quality of the batteries, usage habits, etc., will also affect the usage time.

Do I need to prepare a separate monitor?

Yes. The system itself is not equipped with a monitor. You can choose any display or TV with an HDMI interface.

Can I connect the system control host to my cashier computer?

No. The product package will include an HDMI cable, you can only connect to the display or TV. It cannot be connected to a computer host. It is not recommended that you connect the monitor of the cashier computer directly, and we recommend that you equip the system with a separate monitor.

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