Retekess TM101 Game Answer Buzzer Alarm for Party In Stock

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Wireless signal transmission,  more convenient

No operation automatic sleep function

Display with detachable bracket, support placed on the desktop or hanging on the wall

Color LED light tips: standby, start, foul, success

Wireless remote control: start, timing, reset

3 kinds of answer mode: normal mode, voice mode, elimination mode 

Suitable for knowledge contests, debate contests in schools, companies

Ship Out in 1 Working Day

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Retekess TM101 Game Answer Buzzer Alarm for Party Contest

Retekess TM101 is a game asnwer buzzer and count down timer for party, 

classroom or contest. It is very eary to operate, you will have fun with it. 

It adopts 2.4G wireless technology, oo limited in the whole world, and long distance.

It can reach up to 80M.    

1, The original set is one display, one control and 4 button.

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2, More detail of the display, each set can add 32 groups. You can contact us 

to buy other call buttons.

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3, Each call button using battery, and has the power on switch, If no command within 

30 mins, Call button will rest to save power.

Every color of it means differen results: The winner is a green light, the fouler is a red light, 

and the loser does not light.

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Applicaions: Game answer, Knowledge contest,Party, Classroom

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Display power supply: input: AC100-240V, output: DC 9V/1A

Display size: 266*150*20mm

Display weight: 404g

Button size: 100*100*30mm

Button weight: 84g

Button power supply: 2 x AA battery (not included)

Working distance: about 15m

Remote control size: 105*42*28mm

Remote weight: 62g

Remote power supply: 2 x 12V/23A battery(included)

Q: How many call button can i use?

A:  support Max 32 call buttons, if you need others, pls contact us to get the best price for you.

Q: I live in Europe/US, can i use this sets?

A: Yes, it adopts 2.4G wireless technology, it is free in the whole world.

Q: When do i know the call button need to be changed battery?

A: There will be low-power reminder, it will flash red light.

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